DTN over AX25 – Update.

Dissapointingly it has taken far to long to get back to this (see my earlier post), but recently Darren and I managed to be both online over the same few days to organise some testing. The infrastructure has changed slightly, in that the testing is now taking place through an AX25 Digipeater on a 1200bps Packet Channel, with the nodes being approximately 32Km distant from one another.

Both machines were Ubuntu 8.04, with kernel 2.6.17 on my end, 2.6.24 on the far end, latest ax25 utilities and tools.

My end was used to bring up the link every time (The far end has no /proc/ax25, so I can’t sent the ax25 parameters remotely, I’ve to change/rebuild the kernel afaik)

Through the digi we used the following settings when setting up the kiss ports. Txdelay of 150ms, paclen of 255, maxframe set to 1.

We quite quickly identified a problem with ‘chattyness’ (the locals got upset), and Darren did some re-work. Since then its performing much better, and the locals are much happier. I was away for a bit and Darren has updated the code some more, so more testing for me I think.

Given that I’m looking at this from an Emcomm/AREN point of view, I’m really pleased with how its progressed so far, and I think Darren may even be considering sending the code ‘upstream’.

./configure ; make; sudo make install

2 thoughts on “DTN over AX25 – Update.”

  1. If anyone would like to build the DTN2 Reference Implementation with AX.25 support, drop me a line at

    g0hww _at_ mac _dot_ com

    and I’ll give you some links to Mercurial repositories containing the code. Hopefully, I’ll get it upstream soon.


    Darren, G0HWW

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