PV Measurement

I’m still going through the various items in the house, trying to get average usage profiles is quite difficult, so far the biggest hog is the Ubuntu Server I have running under the desk, so I might have to re-visit my choice of machine in the future.

Something I’ve wanted to do ever since I installed the PV Panels was to get some data on them. I’ve started it at least, here (login required) you can see some data. The top graph is the air temperature in the office. The second is the battery bank voltage as seen at the charge controller. The third is not yet connected, but I’m hoping to get a current measurement from the panels as well over the next few days.

The device doing the measurement is an OT1 (discontinued) from Argent Data Systems. The radio is a Yaesu FT-1500M (also discontinued) with a transmit power set to 5 Watts. I had to make a minor modification to the OT1. The potential divider circuit is set-up for measuring up to 15 Volts, I had to change one resistor to allow measurement up to 30Volts.

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